Pink eye is the everyday term people use to describe an infection or irritation of the eye. The medical term for pink eye is “conjunctivitis”. Most cases of pink eye go away on their own without treatment. But some types of pink eye can be treated. When pink eye is caused by infection, it is usually caused by a virus, so antibiotics will not help. Pink eye can be caused by an infection, allergies, or an unknown irritation. When pink eye is caused by an infection, it can spread easily. Usually, people catch it from touching something that has been in contact with an infected person’s eye. It can also be spread when an infected person touches someone else, and then that person touches his or her eyes. If you know someone with pink eye, avoid touching his or her pillowcases, towels, or other personal items. See your local doctor or nurse if your eye hurts, or if you still have trouble seeing clearly after blinking. If you do not have these problems, but think you might have pink eye speak to a doctor today

Common symptoms of pink eye include

  • White part of the eye turns pink or red
  • Eyes weep or ooze a gooey liquid
  • Eyes become itchy or burn
  • Eyes get stuck shut, especially when you first wake up

Pink eye refers to an infection or irritation of the eye. The medical term for pink eye is “conjunctivitis.” In most cases, pink eye will clear up on its own without treatment. But if pink eye is caused by an infection, allergies, or an unknown irritation, then it’s important to speak to a medical professional.

Pink eye usually starts with redness in one or both eyes. Symptoms of pink eye include:

  • Eyes feel gritty
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Eyes may produce pus
  • It feels like there’s something in your eyes
  • A crust can form overnight, making it difficult to open your eyes in the morning

Pink eye is typically caused by a bacterial or viral infection or an allergic reaction. It can be spread from person to person by touch. If you or someone you know has pink eye, avoid touching your other eye and sharing personal items like pillowcases and towels.

While pink eye usually gets better on its own, it’s important to speak with a doctor if your eye hurts or you’re having problems blinking. If you think you may have pink eye and would like to speak to a doctor, our healthcare providers can discuss your symptoms and recommend the best treatment to reduce discomfort and get rid of pink eye quickly.